Pharma Marketing Network Survey Results
Vol. 2, No. 4: April 2003

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The ongoing Pharma Marketing Network Improvement Survey continues to yield interesting information about members and their preferences. As of May 1, 2003,, 58 members have responded to the survey. If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to respond to the survey.

Many new members have taken the survey: forty-nine percent (49%) of respondents have been members for less than 6 months. Twenty-eight percent (28%) are long-term members of 2 or more years. Although the vast majority of respondents (88%) have never or very infrequently posted a message to the group, 77% say that “lurking’ – just listening in to discussions of others is useful to them (see FIGURE 2).

Members are employed at a number of different kinds of companies (see FIGURE 1). Twenty-one percent (21%) are employed at pharmaceutical or medical device companies and 21% work at medical communications companies.

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