The New Branding Model From Blockbusters to Targeted Therapies
The pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of a “perfect storm.” The traditional blockbuster approach is yielding diminishing returns while post-genomic research is driving towards personalized medicine. The result is an inflection point, where the emphasis on blockbusters and traditional mass-marketing is being challenged by the new paradigm of personalized medicine.

Targeted therapies, based upon genotype, require a new brand model that addresses smaller segments of the population. This model, according to Francoise Simon, professor of marketing at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, requires a fundamental reorganization of the biopharma value chain, from discovery to manufacturing and marketing. She was speaking at a recent World Congress on Pharmaceutical Marketing held in Philadelphia, PA.

Topic headings:

  • At an Inflection Point
  • Biologics are Big Business
  • Evidence-Based Marketing
  • Lamisil: A Case Study
  • Absolute Shift to Personalized Medicine Unlikely
  • Possible Future Scenarios

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Issue: Vol. 3, No. 6: June 2004
Word Count: 1364

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