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Publication Planning 2004
Practical Strategies for Publication Planning

May 24-27, 2004 • Princeton, NJ

Publication Planning is the process of creating timely and targeted disseminations of new scientific and clinical data throughout the lifecycle of a product. Until recently, the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries have paid minimal attention to this essential process and this can no longer be the case. The lengthy clinical development and regulatory review cycles increase the urgency to maximize a brand’s contribution at launch. Therefore, a well-conceived and executed publication plan must be in place from early in a product’s development and maintained throughout its lifecycle. The drive to maximize efficiencies and minimize waste affects all involved in the process, including the Industry, Academia and solution providers. The key to a successful publications strategy is to know where to begin and how to calculate the most beneficial publications program for your product to ensure optimal exposure.

Pharmaceutical Education Associates is proud to present Publication Planning 2004: Practical Strategies for Publication Excellence, the much-anticipated follow-up to last year’s unparalleled conference dedicated to this exciting, burgeoning field.

Attend this Hallmark Conference to Gain Practical Knowledge And Learn Effective Strategies on Topics Such As:

  • How Marketing Can Best Utilize Scientific Data
  • How Specialty Practitioners Prefer to Receive their Medical Information
  • Publication Planning Throughout a Product’s Lifecycle
  • Utilizing Metrics to Determine Value and ROI
  • Complying With OIG, FDA and Industry Codes
  • Managing the Review Process Internally and Externally
  • Constructing Internal Publication Guidelines
  • Recruiting and Managing a Writing Team
  • Current and Future Electronic Publishing Principles
  • Impact vs. Timing: Which Road to Take?
  • Bias in Medical Publications: A Pharma Perspective
  • …and much more

*PLUS! Don’t miss our extended session featuring several highly-respected Scientific Journal Editors, offering their perspectives on timely publishing issues and answering your most pressing questions.

For more information about registering for this conference, please visit the conference site at www.pharmedassociates.com/marketing.asp#p175

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