Relationship Marketing Program Management for Pharmaceutical Marketers Review: Optas relationship marketing management solution
Relationship marketing (RM) is a critical tool for enhancing patient compliance and adherence, which is increasingly important to DTC marketers today.

While direct marketing achieves two-way dialogue with the prospect in order to affect behavior, RM tailors the dialog depending upon the behavior and the specific needs of different types or segments of customers. Relationship marketing can use various “channels” to develop, maintain, and foster the relationship with current and prospective customers in order to maximize need satisfaction.

RM uses customer data — especially behavior data — to determine the targeting, timing, and content of marketing messages. Needless to say, this data-driven type of marketing requires a management system to keep track of campaign performance and allow changes to be implemented on the fly.

This article reviews the Optas relationship marketing management solution, which provides pharmaceutical marketer-friendly tools and interface for managing multiple DTC campaigns.

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 2: February 2005
Word Count: 1126

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