The iPad as a Pharma Marketing Platform Is It a Game-Changer for Consumer & Physician Access?

iPadCan the pharmaceutical industry make money from the iPad? Or, rather, can pharma marketers use the iPad in their campaigns to help improve sales, physician education, and disease awareness?

There are three areas in which the pharmaceutical industry might consider using the iPad:

  • Detailing (ie, use by sales force)
  • HCP marketing/communications
  • Consumer marketing

This article summarizes how the iPad is currently being used by the pharmaceutical industry, how it is being adopted by physicians, and what the roadblocks are to using it for eDetailing.

Topics include:

  • iPad – What’s It Good For?
  • The iPad as a Pharma Marketing Platform
  • GoMeals
  • More Consumer Apps
  • Opening Doors to Physicians
  • Many Physicians Plan to Buy It

  • iPad for eDetailing
  • Featured on Pharma Marketing Talk Radio
  • Is It Just Another Tablet Device?
  • Does No Flash Mean No eDetailing?
  • iAds for Pharma?
  • Is Pharma Blocking or Supporting iPad Use by Sales Reps?

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Issue: Vol. 9, No. 6: Summer 2010
Word Count: 3853

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