Social Media Leaders Wanted The Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award

The Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer AwardThe first part of this article is a post by Corey Mull of the Marketing Leadership Council (MLC), which is a membership organization for senior marketers at the world’s leading companies. The Council provides quantitative and case-based best practice research and tools to help marketing leaders and their teams solve immediate business challenges. Mull reviews the results of Pharma Marketing News’ “What’s Your Social Media Implementation Plan?”

The addendum to this article is the announcement of the Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award, which recognizes excellence in social media marketing leadership. Candidates for this prestigious award must work or have worked within an FDA-regulated pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotech company when he or she pioneered in social media marketing or non-branded communications or was an advocate for such. The Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award is sponsored by ExL Pharma and the 4th Annual Digital Pharma East Conference. Winners will be announced at the conference in October, 2010.

Topics and charts include:

  • Tools vs. Behaviors
  • Figure 1: What’s Your Social Media Implementation Plan?
  • Figure 2: Extent of CMO Involvement in Social Media Efforts
  • An Award for Pioneers
  • What’s With the Hawaiian Shirt?
  • Qualifications for Nomination

  • Who Determines Who Wins an Award?
  • Teamwork Deserves an Award Too!
  • Sponsored by ExL’s Digital Pharma East
  • List of Nominees

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Issue: Vol. 9, No. 6: Summer 2010
Word Count: 2645

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