Vol. 5, No. 8: September 2006 – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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Article Summaries

Print DTC: How Does It Measure Up?

FDA suggests that drug advertisers focus their risk disclosures on the most important and the most common risks and to do so in language easily understood by the average consumer. This is often referred to as the “less is more” approach (see “FDA Draft Guidance for Print DTCA: Less than Feared“).

The “less is more” argument shouts out for a quantitative analysis of risk vs. benefit information in print DTC ads. Such a quantitative analysis would be useful to establish at least a baseline for further discussion about whether or not the creative sections of print DTC ads for prescription drugs carry too much risk information.

To perform the analysis, over 60 drug ads that appeared in several major consumer magazines were analyzed. In each, the space allocated to images, benefit statements, risk information, and the brief summary was measured. This article summarizes the findings.

Topics covered include:

  • Is Less or More Better?
  • Methodology
  • Space Allocated to Image
  • Image Area by Indication
  • Space Allotted to Benefit Statements
  • Reminder Print Ads
  • Not All Ads Require Risk Disclosure
  • Space Allotted to Fair Balance Statements
  • Benefit vs Risk
  • Images and Fair Balance
  • Consumer-Friendly “Brief Summary”
  • Industry Expert Calls for FDA-Mandated Patient Friendly Brief Summary

  • Includes Data Pack with Tables

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Fast Start to Customized ePromotion and eLearning Physician Programs

There is a broad spectrum of online promotional and educational opportunities that pharmaceutical companies have at their disposal to interact with, inform, and influence physicians. Lathian Systems, a provider of online marketing and sales solutions, offers these and more in its “Spectrum of Solutions” for life science companies.

What’s needed, however, is a way for marketers to quickly decide what mix of solutions is best for their products without investing a bundle of time and money in programs that are not effective. Lathian’s Fast Start program is designed to solve this problem by leveraging its Spectrum of Solutions to let life science marketers pick, choose, and use only the solutions they need to maximize reach and frequency.

Topics covered include:

  • A Fast Start
  • Case Study: Combining eBrand Messaging with eDetailing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Intelligent Segmentation
  • Reach is Key
  • Physicians Reveal the Secrets to a Successful eDetail

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Pharma’s Black Knight Confesses All!

Peter Rost, former Pfizer VP, has embarked on a mission few of us would care to be on-that of a whistleblower vs. the pharmaceutical industry! This mission was the subject of a recent Pharma Marketing News article, published soon after Rost started his blog on Huffington Post (see “Peter Rost: Whistle Blower, Pharma Blogger, ???“).

On September 10, 2006, Rost dropped the other shoe-his announcement of his new book, “THE WHISTLEBLOWER: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman.” This is a review of that book with commentary from several bloggers.

Topics covered include:

  • It’s Good to be the King! (Pfizer, that is)
  • Pfizer Goes to Court to Sanction Rost for Writing Book
  • Something Old, Something New
  • Dirt Dearth
  • The Battle Goes On

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Pharmacy TeleStocking

With over 24,000 independent pharmacies across the US, it is a daunting and expensive task to visit each one to ensure that it is well stocked with your product in advance of a major promotion. One way to manage the process is to use telemarketing services, such as that provided by Astute Development Group (ADG), a global provider of technology telemarketing and IT sales lead generation programs. ADG is based in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Topics covered include:

  • Independent Pharmacy Facts
  • Cost Advantage
  • Case Study
  • Working with the Client
  • Outscourcing vs. Offshoring

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