Peter Rost — a true thorn in Pfizer’s side — and friends at Cafe Pharma have a little blog discussion going on regarding a Pfizer SEC filing, which states:

“Mr. Kindler and his spouse and dependent children will be required to use aircraft provided by the Company for air travel for security reasons.”

I’ve already noted that Kindler likes to hole up in a Pfizer “bunker” — see “Kindler Fox in Pfizer Henhouse (aka Bunker)“, which includes a photo of Kindler in the bunker. He’s obviously proud of the bunker because he allowed the photo to appear in a recent issue of Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine.

Bunker, security fanatic… sound like some other big wig you know?

Some have claimed the statement in the SEC filing is not true based on Kindler contract. If that’s the case, then Pfizer/Kindler is guilty of filing a false statement with the SEC.

Whatever the case, many commenters expect this story to be picked up by the mainstream press — I’m guessing after Labor Day.

My little poll asking whether Kindler was right for Pfizer is almost evenly split between those voting yea and nay. Read Dr. Rost’s posts on this subject and vote below.

Is Kindler Right for Pfizer?
Don’t Know
Don’t Care

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