Dear DTC Colleague:

Pharma Marketing News/Blog is introducing a new service called the DTC Check Up, not to be confused with “DTC Check-Up” offered by Bob Ehrlich of DTC Perspectives magazine.

Who would you rather have review your DTC plan to ensure that it won’t be the brunt of blogosphere humor and humiliation? Mack or Ehrlich? I think the answer is obvious.

In these difficult times all DTC advertisers are looking to do less with less. Less headcount and less ad spending, that is. After all, we ARE in a recession (see “Economy Down, Insomnia & Depression Up. Result: Less Ads Needed to Sell More Drugs?“).

John Mack, President of VirSci Corporation, Editor of Pharma Marketing News, and prominent Blogger, will personally do a DTC Check Up for your brand or brands. What this entails is a week off-site visit — preferably at a resort location — with your brand team and agencies to review creative, critters, and cash outlays.

John will use his snarky style to work with the team to determine if the DTC ads it proposes are too ridiculous and will be the brunt of his and other bloggers’ humor in the Pharma Blogosphere. Remember, when John blasts your DTC ads on Pharma Marketing Blog, it spells death for your brand! This can easily be prevented by hiring John to preview your DTC ads! An extra-added benefit: you will be less likely to get a warning letter from the FDA! OK, maybe you’re looking forward to that letter as a trophy. But still, it’s bad press and who needs that?

John will help the brand team avoid blogosphere challenges and spoofs. The whole process will be long and tedious; you’ll have to endure John’s double entendres for one thing.

As with your DTC campaign, there is no guarantee of any ROI from John’s services. You certainly won’t reap enough monetary benefits that can offset the cost of the Check Up!

Why not use John’s years of experience critiquing DTC to get a DTC Check Up? Now is the time to get a second opinion that can be subjective, direct and snarky. No consultant speak, no theory, and no guarantees. John will give you straight opinions in the harshest possible terms. Can you handle it?

Take one week of your time plus a few thousand dollars to see what John can do for your brand.

Call him at 215-504-4164 or email him at for more information and to schedule a visit.