Thanks to everyone wishing me “Happy Holidays,” including “Professor Syrum” from Boehringer Ingelheim’s Syrum Facebook game. The good Prof sent me this e-mail holiday card:

The card links to the “Honey Badger Prequel” video on the “Beta Syrum” YouTube Channel. As of today, this video has 51 views — I am in rarefied company indeed!

The video depicts a Christmas Past (“Christmas 1990”) where Professor Syrum — who sounds a lot like the evil emperor in Star Wars — gives his young nephew Randall an animal picture book that includes Prof Syrum’s favorite: the “Honey Badger.”

Syrum is a multichannel endeavor, which obviously involves a lot of time and expense. To what purpose? you might ask. We don’t know.

In any case, the campaign ultimately fails for me and every other U.S. citizen: I was contacted via e-mail (I signed up to be a beta tester), which linked to a YouTube channel, which linked to the game on Facebook. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the last link, I got an error message: “Use of app ‘Syrum’ has been restricted. Error while loading page from Syrum.” Since I cannot play the game, the reference to the honey badger and “prequel” in the video are completely lost to me. Which is why I say “Bah. Humbug!”

Maybe by the time Christmas Future rolls around I may be able to finally play Syrum and “save the health of the world.”

Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to Professor Syrum, BI, and all my readers and Twitter followers!