You have to be a big guy or gal in the pharma social media arena to wear the shirt off my back.

Davide Bottalico, MD, Digital Marketing Manager at Roche, Italy, fits the bill as is obvious from this photo taken at the IAB Forum 2013 Milano.

Recall that Davide and the entire Roche Digital Academy Team received the 4th Annual Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award back in October (see here).

Davide, I have one request…

Don’t eat pizza while wearing the shirt!

Remember, you have to return it in good condition for next year’s SMP Award recipient(s).

P.S. The Roche Digital Team presented at the IAB Forum and mentioned the SMP Award. Here’s a photo of Denis Dina, Digital Strategic Planner at Roche (left) and Davide taken during their presentation.