You probably have gone too far with social media if your campaign has been lambasted here on Pharma Marketing Blog as in this case.

Maybe you’ve gone too far if you received a letter from the FDA as in this case.

Or maybe you haven’t gone anywhere at all with social media!

But seriously, how far can pharma marketers go with social media?

That’s a question I will ask panel members and the audience at next Monday morning’s iPharmaConnect conference in Philadelphia (see agenda). Other questions/topics to be addressed include:

  • Can pharma marketers effectively use social media without crossing regulatory lines that have yet to be drawn in the sand?
  • What are regulatory affairs and legal people within pharma companies concerned about when their marketing people seek to do branded marketing via social media?
  • How can pharma marketers more effectively leverage digital tools to improve the connection with their audience?

Glenn Byrd, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs at MedImmune, will be a member of that panel. Unfortunately, Cynthia North, Customer Marketing Director at Bayer Healthcare, also was scheduled to be on the panel, but she won’t be able to make it due to a business conflict.

I agreed to help the conference organizers look for a replacement — preferably someone working inside a pharmaceutical company on the commercial (ie, marketing) side. If you are interested, contact Dan Elliman, Program Manager, The Center for Business Intelligence, 339-298-2153, Or contact me.

Disclosure: My newsletter — Pharma Marketing News — is a Media Partner for this conference. I am not getting paid to moderate this panel, although I will stick around for the free lunch!