Friends of mine have been telling me that Pharma Marketing Blog posts are being reproduced on other sites without my permission. Worse still, the content is being modified in such a way as to hide the original source, which is me, John Mack.

One such site is here:

What’s my strategy for dealing with this? Well, I left this comment on the above site (edited for daytime viewing):

What the f**k is my content doing on your site without permission? Not only are you ripping me off, but you are changing the content to hide its source. Cease and desist or I’ll have my lawyers cut off your balls!

John Mack
Virsci Corporation
Editor: Pharma Marketing Blog

There! That should do it!

What?! You don’t think that is enough?

Ripping off content is practiced by many of us on the Internet. Come on, admit it. But most of us include a link back to the source at least and do not modify the content. I freely distribute my content via RSS and invite you to pick up my RSS feed and post it to your site. But please do not modify it and have the decency to link back to the original source.

Even sleazy sites like the one above provide some benefit to me when it rips off my content. The links within my posts to other posts I have made bring new readers back here to the original source. I can’t complain about that.

So, thank you, all you content crooks out there! But, you will be hearing from my attorney!