Formulary and Reimbursement Strategies for Effective Product Planning

Leaders in the industry sit down and discuss the biggest issues in managed care marketing and answer your questions directly.

Gaining Physician Access

PHARMA-MKTING is an exclusive email network for pharmaceutical marketing professionals interested in the latest interactive technologies available for marketing. The network facilitates communication between members and recognized experts and leaders in interactive pharmaceutical marketing.

CBI’s 8th Annual Bio/Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Contact Centers Conference

Maximize Value through Quality Control, Process Improvement, Service Excellence and Enhanced Technology Support

2nd Forum on Prescription Data Restriction for the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry

Featured Conference 2nd Forum on Prescription Data Restriction for the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry April 26 - 27, 2007 * Washington, DC For more information...

Evidence-Based Medicine for Pharmaceutical Marketing

Data-Driven Models for Global Branding and Credible Product Differentiation

6th Annual Forum on Pharmaceutical Contact Centers

Maximize Value through Customer Service Excellence, Quality Control, Improved Process Management and Enhanced Technology Support

eMarketing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Design Targeted and Interactive eMarketing Campaigns to Influence Physician and Consumer Behavior

3rd Annual Conference on Patient Awareness, Recruitment and Retention for Clinical Trials

Ensure an Appropriate and Dedicated Population through Educational Campaigns and Innovative Participation Techniques for Domestic and International Trials

4th Annual Defining Appropriate and Effective Interactions with Thought Leaders and Key Opinion Leaders...

This Annual Forum provides a unique platform for clinical, medical affairs, MSLs, marketing and also academic institutions to interact and discuss strategies for successful collaboration with KOLs throughout the product lifecycle.

Maximizing the Value of Investigator-initiated Post-marketing Clinical Trials

Investigator-initiated Trials are on the rise and sponsor spending on post-marketing clinical grants is higher than ever before. While most companies are doing these types of trials, not all of them are doing them in the most efficient or cost-effective manner. However, while budgets are being continually trimmed, itÂ’s important for companies to wisely invest resources in these trials. Moreover, some companies still fail to get the most value from these trials, even after repeated attempts to do them successfully.
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