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Rethinking Patient Compliance
November 14 – 15, 2005 * Philadelphia, PA

The issue of Patient Compliance is of utmost importance to the pharmaceutical industry as non- and partially-compliant patients account for billions of dollars of unrealized revenue and over 125,000 deaths each year. The revenue lost from this problem has been approximated at $30 billion annually, and the total societal loss is estimated at $100 billion a year – from hospitalization, complications, disease progression, premature disability and death.

Every pharmaceutical executive and especially those in marketing and regulatory compliance is concerned with how to improve patient compliance and persistence. That’s what this conference will help you attain as we bring together leaders from the industry itself, as well as other thought-leaders who have studied patient behavior in the context of taking their medications as prescribed.

This ground-breaking conference has been organized to address patient non-compliance by exploring some of the internal and external barriers that patients face when adopting a treatment plan, and by examining a number of current compliance programs in order to find the best practices for improving health outcomes.

Patient Compliance and Adherence features insightful presentations by industry professionals who are achieving higher compliance rates through a variety of methods, among them:

  • Branding, Packaging and Marketing
  • Psychosocial and Cultural Barriers and enablers to compliance and adherance
  • Medical/Procedural aspects of compliance
  • Medicare Part D, Medication Therapy Management

We look forward to seeing you in November!

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