Ethnic Drug Approval Survey
Survey began 13 June 2005 | Survey ended 28 September 2005

From an article in the NYT (“U.S. to Review Heart Drug Intended for One Race“): “Scientists believe that genetic markers will someday be found that explain the different reactions to drugs, but for now, race or ethnicity is an imprecise shortcut. By approving BiDil, the F.D.A. would go well beyond where it has in the past in using race as a category to evaluate which patients respond to drugs.”

For more on this, see “ ‘Ethnic Drugs’ and ‘Genetic Marketing’ “.

Just a few of the questions asked:

  • Is race — at least for now — a legitimate category to determine which patients respond to drugs?
  • Do you agree that drug companies should be able to seek FDA approval for use of a drug in a specific racial or ethnic category based solely upon clinical trials within that category?

Survey Results:

  • Interactive Summary of Results (de-identified, excludes open-ended responses and comments that may identify the respondent). Allows you to use filters to examine results from different subsets of respondents (e.g., pharma company employees vs. non-pharma people, etc.)

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