2004 HOT ISSUE Survey

Survey began 8 Aug 2004.
Survey Ended 11 May 2004.

What do you think will be the most important or challenging issues facing pharmaceutical marketers in 2004? Is it jobs? The fall of DTC? Drug prices? Regulation? Lack of blockbusters? Weak pipeline? Industry consolidation (or is it over?)

Questions asked:

  1. In your opinion, how much impact will the following issues have on your business as a pharmaceutical marketer in 2004 and beyond? (Issues: Drug Prices, Generic Competition, Government Regulation, Weak Pipelines, Lack of Blockbusters, Poor Measurement Tools, Declining Return on Investment, Privacy/HIPAA, Medicare Drug Benefit, Thinning Industry Margins, Brand Differentiation)

Survey Results:

  • Editorial Summary, which presents highlights of selected results (PDF format).
  • Interactive Summary of ALL results (de-identified, excludes open-ended responses and comments that may identify the respondent). Allows you to use filters to examine results from different subsets of respondents (e.g., pharma company employees vs. non-pharma people, etc.)

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