Appropriate Messaging at Point of Care Survey

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, ePrescribing may offer a new channel to influence physician prescribing at the point of care.

New Media Privacy Issues & Online Health Marketing Survey

This survey asks YOUR opinion about the privacy issues raised in a brief filed with the FTC regarding the online marketing practices of pharmaceutical and other health-related companies.

Pharma-Sponsored Medical Article Ghost Writing Survey

Please take 2 minutes to answer this survey relating to pharma-sponsored medical journal article ghostwriting.

Social Media Pharma Marketing Readiness Survey/Tool

By filling out the Pharma Marketing News Rate Your Social Media Marketing Readiness online questionnaire, you will discover where you may need to augment your knowledge about social media and what internal regulatory and cultural hurdles you may need to overcome to implement a social media marketing program.

Which Future US Health Care Scenario is Best for Pharma?

Which of five future scenarios -- Triumph of Reason, Big Brother Arrives, Consumer Chaos, Safety Net, PhRMA's Platform -- is likely to unfold in the next 10 years and which one would benefit the pharmaceutical industry the most?

Moderation of Pharma Social Media Discussions Survey

As more and more pharmaceutical companies launch social networking platforms associated with their brands, some will allow users (consumers, patients, and physicians) to post comments as part of ongoing discussions about drugs and/or the conditions they treat. Recent pharma experience with social media discussions demonstrate how important it is to properly manage online communities. Perhaps the most important management tool is moderation.

Answers to FDA’s Questions Regarding Pharma’s Use of Social Media

This survey solicited opinions on regulatory issues regarding Rx drug and device promotion via the Internet in general and social media in particular.

Potential for Bias in Commercially Supported CME

This survey asks respondents questions relating to potential bias in continuing medical education (CME) programs supported by pharma/medical device companies and how to limit the need for industry funding of CME.

Impact of the PhRMA Code on Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales Survey

The PhRMA Code's Impact on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

Who Should Be Pharma’s Social Media Voice? PR or Brand?

The distinction between pharma brand managers and corporate communications is a distinction without much of a difference these days, especially with regard to social media. There are many
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