The First Ever Survey of the Pharma Blogosphere!
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Survey began 3 February 2007
Survey ended 28 February 2007

The blogosphere is becoming crowded with new blogs focusing on the pharmaceutical industry. How readable, credible, and useful are these blogs and what are their bias for or against the drug industry?

To answer these questions, Pharma Marketing News and Pharma BlogosphereTM blog hosted the first ever survey of reader and blogger opinions of blogs in the pharma blogosphere. Twenty-two leading pharma blogs were evaluated.

Questions include:

  • Which pharma-focused blogs do you read and how often?
  • What are the benefits to you of reading these blogs?
  • Rate the blogs you have read according to readability, credibility, and usefulness.
  • How supportive or critical of the pharmaceutical industry are the blogs that your have read?

Survey Results:

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