Use of Twitter by Pharma Company Employees

Survey began 8 March 2011

This survey solicits reader opinion on the Best Practices for Moderation of Pharma Social Media Discussions.

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Background More and more pharmaceutical company employees are using Twitter. Many are using personal Twitter accounts and some also are responsible for corporate Twitter accounts. These employees can be influential ambassadors among the public and have an opportunity — maybe even a responsibility — to help improve the company’s reputation.

Last year, Pharmaguy recognized pharma social media pioneers based on their efforts to implement social media marketing campaigns or to champion social media awareness and knowledge within their companies (see “First Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award Given to Janssen’s Alex Butler“).

This year, Pharmaguy is looking at pharma employees who have personal Twitter accounts, how they use these accounts, who follows them and who they follow, and how influential they are. Several people have already been added to the “Pharmaguy Twitter Pioneer list (@pharmaguy/pharma-twitter-pioneers).

Please complete this survey and indicate which Pharmaguy Twitter Pioneers you follow and to provide your opinions about the use of Twitter by the drug industry and by employees of the industry.

Pharmaguy is especially interested in learning about other people to include in the list and encourage you to nominate yourself and/or others to be included (see questions below).

Tweets form these Pioneers can found in the ePharma Pioneer Tweets & Posts Forum.

We ask survey respondents:

  • Which of Twitter accounts of pharmaceutical company employees that are currently included in the Pharmaguy Twitter Pioneer list do you follow? (Includes a list.)
  • Enter up to 3 people NOT on the list that you think should be on the list.
  • Indicate how important you believe the following types of data are for rating someone on Twitter: Number of Followers, Klout SCore, PeerIndex (response ranges: Very, Somewhat, Not Important, No Opinion)
  • Indicate your level of agreement/disagreement with the following statements about personal Twitter accounts and pharma’s use of Twitter (response ranges: Agree Strongly, Agree Somewhat, Disagree Somewhat, Disagree Strongly, No Opinion):
    • Pharma employees should ALWAYS reveal their employment status in their Twitter profiles, even if they do not tweet about their companies or products.
    • More pharma companies should host their own Twitter CHATS such as the #rxsave chat hosted by Astrazeneca.
    • Every pharma company should have Twitter/Social Media GUIDELINES (rules) for their employees to follow.
    • Every pharmaceutical employee should be ENCOURAGED to engage and participate in online discussions to help improve their company’s reputation as long as they follow guidelines.

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Results of this survey will be summarized in an issue of Pharma Marketing News.

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