Scientist vs Salesman: Which approach will enable your sales reps to raise their value...

A conversation with Tim Ryan, Executive Director of Prescription Medicines, Training, and Development at Boehringer Ingelheim, about his upcoming presentation/panel discussion at eyeforpharma's Sales Force Effectiveness USA 2010 conference on May 17-18 in Princeton, NJ.

The Mobile Health Library Platform: Apps for Rx Adherence & Outcomes Support

PharmaGuy interviews Rob Dhoble, CEO, Adherent Health, about Mobile Health Library (MHL), which is a privacy-protected mobile app platform built for the unique education, service, and support needs of health-related customers, including patients, health professionals, caregivers, and consumers.

Can You Find Reputable Canadian Drugs Online?

An interview with Cary Byrd, founder of, an online Rx search site and blog.

Pharma on Twitter: Boehringer Ingelheim

A conversation with Judith von Gordon and John Pugh, external communications executives at Boehringer Ingelheim, about their use of Twitter and other social media networks.

Novo Nordisk’s Race With Insulin Campaign: It’s Not Just About Twitter

A conversation with Ambre Morley, Associate Director, Product Communications, Novo Nordisk Inc., about Novo Nordisk's Race With Insulin Campaign, which includes a branded Twitter account (@racewithinsulin). Ambre will talk about Novo Nordisk's social media goals, but also include other integrated aspects of the campaign.

Crowdfunding for Patient Education: HbA1c Teaching Model Brings Diabetes Education to Life

Pharmaguy interviews Casey Steffen M.Sci., Manager at Biologic Models, about his crowdfunding campaign, which is designed to encourage supporters to share

Building the First Global Community of Doctors

A discussion with Dr. Frank Antwerpes, CEO, DocCheck AG

Novo Nordisk And Paula Deen: Why?

Ambre Morley, Associate Director, Product Communications, Novo Nordisk, talks about why her company teamed up with celebrity chef Paula Deen as a spokesperson for type 2 diabetes treatment.

Pharmaguy Steps Out on His Own: Will Focus on Speaking Tours & Engaging via...

John Mack interviews Pharmaguy, 'constructive critic' of the pharmaceutical industry, blogger, Twitter celebrity, and Chief Pundit at about his decision to

Physicians Unprepared for Sunshine Law: Survey Reveals Physicians Prefer Filtered Sunshine

A conversation with Michaeline Daboul, CEO of MMIS, about her company's third annual survey of doctors and their knowledge of the Sunshine Law, which is part of Obamacare. The survey found that physicians are actually less informed than they were one year ago.
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