New Media Tricks Used by Pharma Marketers

New Media Tricks Used by Pharma Marketers Gaming Web 2.0 Sites, Bad Google Adwords, Wiki Edits, Phony Meta Tags, and Other Ways to Get Around the Rules in Online...

Web 2.0 Tools for Sales Force Effectiveness

Understand how your sales force can make themselves more effective by collaborating on web 2.0 tools, interactive opinion polls and wikis.

The Importance of Downstream Channel Sales Data for Marketing

A new source of detailed downstream channel sales data is available to Life Sciences manufacturers.

Pharma, Physicians, and Web 2.0? Are We There Yet?

Join Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research, and John Mack as they discuss physicians, technology, and the future of pharmaceutical sales and marketing strategy.

Faith-based Unbranded Marketing

A new health awareness initiative intended to reach African Americans via churches and health ministries. How to Educate, Engage and Empower members of the African American Community

Pharma Cause Marketing

A discussion with Fard Johnmar of Envision Solutions focused on his company's recent survey about American opinion of pharma-non-profit cause alliances and the implication for the future of pharma cause marketing.

What’s in the Future for Generics?

To date, efforts by regulators and the generic industry to combat Authorized Generics have been largely unsuccessful. With the new Democratic-controlled Congress and a federal budget increasingly burdened by pharmaceutical expenditures, that may change in the near future.

Customer Manages Relationship: A New Marketing Strategy

The new Customer Manages Realtionship marketing strategy is one way that pharma marketers can create a new beginning with patients and phsyicians. Alfred O'Neill of Ryan TrueHealth explains how.

Can You Find Reputable Canadian Drugs Online?

An interview with Cary Byrd, founder of, an online Rx search site and blog.

Mixing Blogging and Business: An Interview with Fard Johnmar

An interview with Fard Johnmar, founder of Envision Solutions, a healthcare marketing communications consultancy, and creator of the HealthcareVOX blog.
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