Journalist Bloggers: An Interview with Jim Edwards

An interview with Jim Edwards, Senior Editor, Brandweek, who just started his own blog: BrandweekNRX. Will blogging corrupt journalists or vice versa?

Revolution Health and the Wisdom of Crowds

Interview with Jay Silverstein, the COO of Revolution Health.

Web 2.0 for Pharma Marketing

Increase marketing ROI using 'social networking' and other Web 2.0 technologies.

Pharma Marketing Talk: Adherence: The Achilles Heel of Drug Efficacy

A conversation with Vesta Brue, CEO of MedSignals, which developed and markets a 4-drug portable med-minding device.

110th Congress: What’s in Store for Pharma?

Pharma Marketing Roundtable experts and call-in guests discuss what changes the pharmaceutical might expect from the Democratic 110th Congress.

Live From the e-Communication and Online Marketing Conference!

John Mack interviews industry speakers live at the eyeforpharma e-Communication and Online Marketing Online conference being held November 13 to 14 at in Philadelphia.

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks

Professor Jim Avery at University of Oklahoma's Gaylord College of Mass Communication discusses preparing graduate students for a career in health advertising.
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