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Leveraging Multi-Channel Infographics for Patient Support: #DareTo Say SUDEP Case Study

In this article, Maureen Winigrad and John Griffith, principals at Centric Infographics, present the latest access data for two infographics campaigns spoonsored by the Epilepsy Foundation and Lunbeck Pharmaceuticals.

To Ban or Not to Ban DTC? That Was the Question!

This article takes a critical look at Sen. Frist's proposal to reform DTC. The article includes reactions to the Frist proposal from PhRMA, AMA, advertising trade associations, and from members of the PHARMA-MKTING online discussion group.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 12, No. 5: 20 May 2013

Welcome to Volume 12, Issue #5 (20 May 2013) of Pharma Marketing News.

Making Sense of Multichannel Marketing: Towards Achieving the “Holy Grail” of Marketing Effectiveness

This article summarizes the discussion lead by Starnes during a recent MultiChannel Webinar hosted by eyeforpharma, which is also hosting the 2nd Annual Multichannel and Mobile Strategy conference November 29-30, 2012, in London. Also speaking at the webinar was Tim White, Head of Digital Commercialization - Europe for Novartis, Benedikt Hoffmann, Head of eBusiness, Janssen, and Morten Kamp Jorgensen, Director, Corporate Brand & Reputation, at Vestas, a company that specializes in wind power solutions.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 2, #2: February 2003

PHARMA MARKETING NEWS is the monthly newsletter of the PHARMA-MKTING interactive discussion group. It includes original articles, opinions from leaders in the field of interactive pharmaceutical marketing, industry news briefs, interviews with industry experts, and highlights of pharmaceutical e-marketing meetings.

The Change in Pharmaceutical Conferences Post Covid-19

Healthcare conferences have undergone significant changes since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, healthcare conferences were typically large in-person events, attracting thousands of attendees from around the...

Online CME: Is the Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

More and more physicians are completing CME courses online, according to a survey by Boston Consulting Group. Data from ACCME also show that physician registration for Internet-based CME (enduring materials) also increased. Yet, the percent of physician participants in online CME as a total of all physician participants is very small and physician use of online CME has not kept pace with their use of the Internet in general.

Is There a Cure for Mediocre Pharma Mobile Apps?: Listen Up, New Marketing Grads!

Mobile is the new 'shiny thing' of interest to pharmaceutical marketers. However, most pharma mobile apps that I have seen are pretty mundane as far as marketing/advertising is concerned. What's it going to take to make these apps more interesting and useful?

PinUp: Open Letter to Gottlieb, Adherence Challenges Infographic, Pharma Social Media Trends

Welcome to the May 2, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp).

Ad Execs Not Viewed as Innovative By Americans Says AstraZeneca Survey

Sorry to break this to you, but Americans don't think advertising executives are very innovative. The AZ survey shows that Americans think advertising executives are only as innovative as teachers, but much less innovative than doctors, artists, engineers, or scientists.

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