Right & Wrong Ways for Pharma to Correct Misinformation on Wikipedia Some Guidelines for Pharma
Pharma Wikipedia It is a well-known fact that Wikipedia is the leading single source of healthcare information for patients and healthcare professionals.

In a recent report, the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics noted that Wikipedia articles on health issues are “in flux” and that there is a need for “knowledgeable editors” to keep the information as current and unbiased as possible.

Should the pharmaceutical industry or agents of the industry step up and edit content on Wikipedia?

This article discusses both the right and wrongs ways for pharma to do this using real-life examples.

Items include (partial list):

  • Wikipedia Health Access Factoids
  • Who Currently Edits Wikipedia Drug Info?
  • The Right Way
  • Wikipedia’s Pharma Vacuum
  • Abbott Caught Altering Entries to Wikipedia
  • Open Access Guidelines
  • Waiting for FDA Guidelines
  • The Wrong Way

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Issue: Vol. 13, No. 3: March 2014

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