Global Digital Asset Brand Management Review: ClearStory Systems’ ActiveMedia
As pharmaceutical marketers turn toward the Internet, the demand for digital “rich media”-streaming video and audio, Flash animation, Java applets, streaming video and interactivity-is growing rapidly. There is a need to leverage this rich media content across brands and marketing campaigns on a global scale, but analysts estimate as much as 30 percent of all content is lost or misplaced annually, resulting in huge cost burdens for companies to recreate lost assets.

This article is a review of ClearStory Systems’ ActiveMedia, which is an example of a next-generation digital asset management (DAM) solution for managing rich media.

Topics covered include:

  • ActiveMedia
  • Distributive Administration
  • Metadata and Digital Asset Rights
  • Role of Ad Agencies
  • ROI Achievable in the Pharma Industry

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 10: November 2005
Word Count: 1206

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