Pharma-Mkting Members Help Sri Lanka Tsunami Victims

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SUBJ: Tsunami – Humble request, Sri Lanka is in need
AUTH: M. M Deen
DATE: Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dear Friends,

As you may be well aware that Sri Lanka is been badly hit with the highest number of casualties coming from the region. Over 18700 people confirmed dead and the number is expected to rise well over 25000. Millions of people are displaced and are very worried about the secondary infections that might trigger due to polluted water and environment.

The President has declared state of emergency having requested for International help.

I kindly request if anyone is interested to contibute with related medicines, water purifying tablets, towards this worthy cause to contact me to forward there donation. I will help them to link with the necessary authorities to speed up the process. Drugs should contain atleast 6-10 months of shelf life. It is also Ideal time donate drugs instead of paying destruction cost when expired.

I have also requested from the Sri Lankan pharma friends to find out exactly what they need.

My Contact are .

M. Madharudeen,
Kampala, Uganda,,
Tel : 00256 77 951775 .

SUBJ: Tsunami – Humble request, Sri Lanka is in need
AUTH: M. M Deen
DATE: Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Dear Sue,

The Sri Lankan community suffering will definetely appreciate your support and favour. Thanks for your prompt reponse.

We are also currently negotiatin with few international airlines for logistical support to transport the donated medicines to Colombo International Airport.Sri lanka. I shall feedback to all when I here from them.

M. Madharudeen.

Sue Pelletier wrote:
Dear M. Madharudeen,

I saw your request on the pharma marketing listserv. While my organization is not able to provide these materials, I would be happy to pass along your request on our blog (, and also send your information to others I know who are blogging for the pharma and medical community.

Please let me know if you would like me to do this. Anything at all I can do to help those in Sri Lanka during this terrible time, I would like to do.

Thank you for your efforts to alleviate some of the suffering.

Best regards,


AUTH: M. M Deen
DATE: Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Latest Update: The Sri Lankan Airline (also known as Air Lanka formerly) has agreed to airlift goods from thier UK offices to Sri lanka. A big salute for their contribution. If one can channel the goods to UK offices it would be easier for the moment to facilitate this objective.

At the same time a fellow lankan whos has come up to sort it out at ground level through the Canadian Relief Foundation in Canada which is deeply engaged in Sri Lanka, Eastern Provice, Trincomalee District. ( )

Currently I have a donor willing to donate bedding (sheets). towels, clothing, toothbrushes, OTC drugs like aspirin and disenfectants, etc from the Philladelphia, United States. I dont know if one could help us to forward this to the UK offices of Air Lanka/Sri Lankan. Thanks for all of you, we shall work on this to see many lives are saved and rehabilitated.

M. Madharudeen

AUTH: Frank Perroni
DATE: Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Dear Friends,

I have forwarded you request for medications and support to my company, Novartis Ophthalmics in New Brunswick, NJ.

Our prayer go out to you and your families in the disaster zone.

Best Wishes,
Frank Perroni,
Ophthalmic Specialist. NVO.

AUTH: Ann Hartshorn
DATE: Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Dear All,

I have forwarded a request to help to Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D).

I will update you as soon as I have reply, the companies are often closed during the holiday break so I may not hear until next week.

Best Regards,
Ann Hartshorn
Marketing Manager Pro-Pharma Contract Selling Organization

AUTH: M. M Deen
DATE: Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Dear All,

I have manage[d] to compile a List of websites that you can find more information on the Tsunami, that hit asia. Plenty of places for donation and help. Feel free to choose as per your wish.

If any one willing to get intouch with the Director, Medical Supplies Division…
Please note the following.

Dr. B. V. S. H. Beneragama.
Medical Supplies Division,
357, Rev. Baddegama Wimalawansha Thero Mw.,
Colombo 10.
Sri Lanka.
email :

The websites for more infornation are:

  • Must see this page. over 10 international relief agencies listed here. Also list of missing people across the region, experiences and many more…like hospital phone numbers, articles ..etc list of drugs needed by army and the Red Cross for Sri lanka. list of other essentials needed.

  • if you wish to donate directly to the Presidents relief fund, or to any other source that have volunteered to collect. It also gives you access to the Info for Sri Lankan Diaspora. Additionally Sirasa FM, Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV & Shakthi FM, MTV, Yes FM are conducting a humanitarian relief program.

  •; Sri Lanka Tsunami Victims Relief Fund Prime Minister’s Office.

  • or; Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement

  •; Colombo Stock Exchange (donate online)

  • for missing tourist info.The Tourist Board 24 hour hotline: (+94) 11 2437061

  •; National Disaster Management Center (NDMC) Sri Lanka; NDMC Website provides information on the disaster, and how people can help.

  •; Emergency Information Center of Sri Lanka. Emergency Info Website provides information from the government.

  •; The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has commenced a relief programme.

Disaster Management Unit at President’s Office

An Emergency Coordinating Unit has been established at the President’s Office to expedite relief operations and assist the victims.

Contact Nos.:
(+94) 11 2435082 (+94) 11 4733531
(+94) 11 2437362 (+94) 11 4733427

Start sharing the pain of the victims and come forward for help. Don’t think you and me are lucky. You never know what’s next on agenda.

AUTH: M. M Deen
DATE: Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Dear Members of the Pharma community,

Following the devastation that took place last sunday in asia after the deadly quake that hit the entire asian sub-continent the number of victims are rising across the region. The worst hit nation was once the pearl and paradise of the indian ocean, Sri Lanka. As I write to all of you now its place full of pearls of tears and a paradise of dead bodies and displaced innocent civilians that floated like match sticks. It is estimated that the death toll could be well over 25000 alone in Sri Lanka with over 1 million people with out shelter, food, clothing, medicines and so on.

I have managed to secure the ESSENTIAL DRUG LIST that they are need of from the following:

  1. Medical Supply Division, Sri Lanka- Government arm of drug distribution channel supervised by the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.

  2. Sri Lanka Army- The president of Sri Lanka is using the armed forces to sort out the victims in remote areas.

  3. Sarvodaya Foundation- One of the oldest volenteer organisations in the country. (not for profit)

If any one who wishes to contribute to one of the above organisations kindly contact me and I will be glad to forward the details as the attachments are too big and I was advised by the Moderator, John Mack to send them individually who wish to have the list or lists.

You could drop by a email to : or

Give me a call or sms text to me on : +256 77 951775 along with your email address.

Thanks and I look forward for the pharma industries help at this 11th hour.

M. Madharudeen

AUTH: M. M Deen
DATE: Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Country Code 94-11
( If there is a `0′ in front please exclude that in international dialing; E.g. Amparai hospital from overseas can be contacted by dialing 94 11 63 2222235 )

People who have lost contact with their relatives or friends as a result of the Tsunami disaster are advised to go to the nearest hospital or contact the hospital police posts regarding any information that can lead to their location or some information on them.

Ampara Hospital
(063) 2222235

Batticaloa Hospital
(065) 2222261

Colombo National Hospital
2 694731 or 2 691111

Galle Hospital
(091) 2232276

Gampaha Hospital
(033) 2222399

Jaffna Hospital
(021) 2222833

Kalmunai Hospital
(067) 2229222

Kalubowila Hospital
2 822262

Kalutara Hospital
(034) 2222661

Matara Hospital
(041) 2222223

Negombo Hospital
(031) 2222261

Panadura Hospital
(038) 2232261-2

Trincomalee Hospital
(026) 2222261

Vavuniya Hospital


  1. Albendazole Tabs
  2. Aludrox Tabs
  3. Amoxicylline IV Caps
  4. Amitriptyline Tab
  5. Asprin Tabs
  6. Betadine Cream Tubes
  7. Betadine Soloution Bottles
  8. Brufen 400 mg Tabs
  9. Cephalexine Caps
  10. Cotrimoxazole Tabs
  11. Chlorpheniramine 4mg Tabs
  12. Chloramphenicol Caps
  13. Cloxacyllin Caps
  14. Daonil 5mg Tabs
  15. Dettol Bottles
  16. Diclofenac Sodium Tabs
  17. Domperidone Tabs
  18. Erythromycinr 250mg Tabs
  19. Furazolidazole Tabs
  20. HCT 25mg Tabs
  21. Metformine 500mg Tabs
  22. Metronidazole Tabs
  23. Mebendazle 100mg Tabs
  24. Nalidixix acid Tabs
  25. Oral Rehydration salt Packets
  26. Paracetomol 500 g Tabs
  27. Propanthaline 15mg Tabs
  28. Promethazine 25mg Tabs
  29. Salbutamol Tabs
  30. Sanitary Pads (Eva) Packets
  31. Adhesive Plasters Rolls
  32. Gauze Packets
  33. Bandages Rolls
  34. Cotton Wool Rolls
  35. Flavine Bottles
  36. Surgical Spirit Bottles
  37. Sidhdhalepa Packets
  38. Normal Saline 9% 500ml Bottles
  39. Tetovus Toxoid
  40. Dialo Fenac Sodium Suppositories
  41. Pethidine (IV) 25mg 50mg 100mg
  42. Surgical Gloves
  43. Ampliciline (IV)
  44. IV Fluids 23g 22g 20g 18g
  45. Water 5lt Bottles

AUTH: John Mack
DATE: Thursday, December 30, 2004
Dear PHARMA-MKTING members:

I would like to give special thanks to Mohamed Madharudeen, Marketing Manager at Surgipharm (Uganda) Ltd., a Uganda company that imports, markets, and distributes pharmaceutical and health care products in east Africa for taking the initiative to get vital information out and make arrangements for shipment of drugs to Sri Lanka.

Below is some more information from him, especially how to contact the SriLankan Airlines which is helping ship items to Sri Lanka.

NOTE: As Mr. Madharudeen, warned in a personal email to me, send goods to state sources as there could be people taking advantage of this crisis.

John Mack, moderator

FROM Mr. Madharudeen:

I have got the essential drug list from the Director, Medical Supply Division, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka (see MoH-druglist.pdf), along with the Airlines commitment to provide logistical support.

I again request everyone to come up and help this needy cause.

I also thank the members who are currently working on the donation programme, much as they are on vacation now.

Thanks & Regards
M. Madharudeen
+256 77 951775

Dear Mr Madharudeen,

Thank you for your concern. Immediate requirements are medical supplies and infant food which we are willing to carry in FOC from our online points.

We are also accepting cash donations which will be used by our charitable arm SriLankan Cares to assist in the rehabilitation work in the medium term.

Payment could be made through Deutsche Bank Trust Co., Americas, New York (Swift BKTRUS33), to credit of HBLILKLX-001, Account Number 04-099-730 for further credit of SriLankan Airlines Limited Account Number 5040003907 with Hatton National Bank, City FCBU, Colombo 1 , Sri Lanka.

Appreciate your help.

Best regards,


Deshini Abeyewardena
Manager Public Relations
SriLankan Airlines
Level 25, East Tower
World Trade Centre
Colombo 1.
Tel: 019733 -1326

NOTE FROM MODERATOR: Please use care when sending cash donations to unverified sources. Contact the organization via phone or website first to verify authenticity before making your donation.