Evidence-based Marketing Survey

Survey began 30 April 2005.
Survey ended 26 May 2005.

An Rx product global marketing VP at a recent conference shared his “vision of the future” of pharmaceutical marketing in the post-VIOXX era.

He suggested that pharmaceutical marketing strategy needs to begin early in the drug development process to identify the true opportunities. This involves understanding the appropriate population for the drug based upon the evidence gleaned from trials. Not only appropriate in terms of benefits, but also risks. The appropriate market may be a smaller market, but it will be comprised of a population less likely to experience known side effects.

Some experts argue that targeting a more appropriate market through evidence-based marketing leads to less income, but the income is of higher “quality” because it comes from a less risky source.

See the following for a discussion of the issues:

Survey Results:

  • Interactive Summary of Results (de-identified, excludes open-ended responses and comments that may identify the respondent). Allows you to use filters to examine results from different subsets of respondents (e.g., pharma company employees vs. non-pharma people, etc.)
  • Survey results and selected comments from participants are included in the article “Marketing in the Post-Vioxx Era.”

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