Tell Us About Your Social Media Listening Program Tell Us About Your Social Media Listening Program
Social media listening is a hot topic these days. There is no doubt that collecting information from disease and product conversations on social media sites helps pharmaceutical companies develop more impactful messaging and marketing tactics.

This survey is an attempt to understand how pharmaceutical companies and their agencies are using social media listening programs as a part of their marketing and communications programs.
Social media listening is intelligence gathering. Social media analyzing is crucial for strategic marketing/communications planning. While social posts are being directed towards every brand out there today (and can seem infinite), locating them, gathering them, understanding them, and taking them into consideration when planning your marketing and PR is ever important.

Fazzina believes that both the FDA and pharmaceutical companies cannot go without a formal social media listening and analytics program in place. Once in place and working well, it has the power to help you put a more tailored marketing/communications strategy in place.

“I find it a real problem that the FDA doesn’t see Twitter any differently than traditional communications vehicles,” says Leigh Fazzina, a healthcare PR and social media communications strategist and former president of the PRSA Health Academy. “I am hopeful, however, that once the FDA starts carefully listening to, monitoring and analyzing social communications through social media listening and analytics programs, it will become more understanding of what the social communications sphere is truly like.”

The Social Media Listening Survey asks pharma and agency respondents to share answer the following questions:

  • Does your company have a formal social media listening program in place?
  • What department manages the social media listening work?
  • How important is social media listening in the work YOU do?
  • How do you and/or your company apply the intelligence gained from social media listening?
  • What social media listening tool(s) does your company employ?
  • Tell us what persuaded you or your company to use this/these specific tool(s).
  • If your company does not currently do social media listening, how likely is it that your company will have a formal listening program in place in 2015?
  • If your company is NOT likely to implement a formal social media listening program in 2015, what do you think is holding it back?

Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey NOW. After you answer a few short questions, you will be able to see the summary of all responses to date. No comments or other identifying information is included in the summary. The summary of results will be published in a future issue of Pharma Marketing News. You may remain anonymous or you may provide your name and contact information if you wish to be quoted in the published summary.