Narrowcast DTC Advertising

Guest Darin Gilstrap, M.Sc., President & CEO, InnerCityMedicine Networks, LLC. talks about ICMNTV, an out-of-home digital disease awareness television network, which will be narrowcast to an estimated 10,000 medical practices located in urban areas.

The Messenger is the Medium

The do's and don'ts of using celebrities as pharma spokespeople in ads and promotional campaigns. A discussion with Rich Benci, president of RealAge.

Pioneers in Pharma eMarketing (PiPeM): Richard Meyer. A Modern Day ePharma Diogenes

A conversation with Richard Meyer, eMarketing consultant and author of The World of DTC Marketing Blog about his views on the future pharmaceutical eMarketing -- where it's heading versus where it should be going.

Pharma eMarketing Benchmarks

Rx eMarketing Effectiveness Benchmarks designed to help Pharma eMarketing 'grow up,' optimize & scale

The State of CME in Europe: A Work in Progress

A conversation in which Eugene Pozniak, Managing Director of Siyemi Learning, an independent, UK based provider of CME products and related services. Mr. Pozniak will evaluate the current status and value of CME in Europe, and how it is likely to develop, and what the opportunities and challenges for the future are.

Steve Woodruff, Pharma’s Connection Agent

Steve Woodruff, President of Impactiviti, joins John Mack (@pharmaguy) to discuss his mission as a 'Connection Agent,' connecting people and businesses.

Pharma, Physicians, and Sermo: A Social Media Win-Win-Win!

A conversation with Daniel Palestrant, Founder and CEO of Sermo, about how pharmaceutical companies interact with members of this leading physician social network site.

Bringing the iPad Into the Exam Room: The Dr. Chrono EMR App

A conversation with Michael Nusimow, CEO/Co-Founder, and Daniel Kivatinos, COO/Co-Founder,, about Dr. Chrono EMR, an iPad application that pairs a web-based practice management platform with an iPad based Clinical Toolkit to enable physicians to provide cutting edge service at the point of care.

Digital Health Coaching: Personalized Behavioral Intervention Aids Adherence, Saves Money

A conversation with Steven Schwartz, Ph.D., Research Director, HealthMedia, about its digital health coaching solution that emulates the experience with a human coach or counselor but that is delivered on digital platforms that include the web, CD, iPhone, IVR, SMS and digital print.

ePharma: What’s Working, What’s Not, & What’s Next

The 9th Annual ePharma Summit is geared up to offer a
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