Create Squeaky-Clean Pharma Ads: Tricks & Tips to Avoid FDA Letters

Pharmaguy interviews Dale Cooke, Principal, PhillyCooke Consulting, who gave a preview of the topics he covered during a two-day interactive workshop -- 'Building a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program' -- on October 15 and 16, 2014. He also shared a few tips on how to comply with recent FDA social media draft guidances.

Pharma’s Use of Medical Conference Hashtags: Is It Unregulated “Backchannel” Promotion?

Pharmaguy interviews Len Starnes, a digital consultant, who critiques a #MICEproject report, which concluded that the pharmaceutical industry uses medical conference hashtags as unregulated 'backchannels' to exert an equal or greater amount of influence than healthcare providers.

Pharma Twitter Best Practices

An ePharma Pioneer Club members-only discussion of the first-ever pharma branded Tweet. What can we learn from this? Is it a good model for other brands to follow?

Pharma’s Social Media Working Group: Who It Consists of, How It Formed, and What...

A conversation with Craig M. Audet, Vice-President and Head of the US Regulatory Affairs Marketed Products Group at sanofi-aventis, Mark Gaydos, Senior Director, U.S. Regulatory Affairs Marketed Products at sanofi-aventis, and Cynthia Phillips, Sr Dir Labeling and Promotional Compliance at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, about their views on how pharmaceutical companies should handle posts made on social media sites owned or sponsored by them. Of particular interest are posts that mention off-label indications or adverse events.

DigiPharm’s EU ePharma Pioneers: Doing More with Less

A conversation with several speakers from the 2010 DigiPharm Europe conference, including several who have been nominated for the Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award. We will discuss the issues that pharmaceutical e-marketers deal with in Europe and preview the topics that will be/have been discussed at this conference. Invited participants include Alex Butler, Communications Manager, Janssen Cilag; Silja Chouquet, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Whydot GmbH; Kai Gait, Digital Commerce Marketing Manager, GlaxoSmithKline; Gary Monk, Product Manager-Concerta XL, Janssen Cilag; Andrew Spong, Editorial Director, Nexus; and Christian Stehle, Director, Vienna eMarketing Center, Pfizer Specialty Care.

Pharma TeleWeb e-Detailing. A CASE STUDY: Lilly’s Experience in Europe

A conversation with Luca Fabbri, Australia, Canada, Europe Sales Innovation Manager at Eli Lilly and Company, about his experience using TeleWeb e-detailing in Europe.

Responding to Unsolicited Requests for Off-Label Information: Pharma Citizen Petition Calls for New Regulations

A conversation with Darshan Kulkarni, Principal Attorney, Kulkarni LLC, focusing on the recent Citizen Petition filed with the FDA by seven major pharmaceutical companies asking for new regulations regarding the dissemination of off-label product information and other communications with healthcare professionals.

HealthPrize Teams Up with RealAge to Improve Adherence: High Engagement in HealthPrize’s Reward Program...

A conversation with Tom Kottler, CEO, and Katrina S. Firlik, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize, highlighting results of an pilot program done in partnership with RealAge. In the six-month asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) pilot, 282 adult patients engaged with HealthPrize's online and mobile platform that leverages rewards, behavioral economics and gaming dynamics to motivate people to stick with their prescription medications.

Real Time Patient Intelligence: Gaining Actionable Meaning from Social Media “Big Data”

This podcast with Gideon Mantel, co-founder and CEO of Treato, discusses how a combination of deep healthcare domain expertise, advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms and

Beyond Mobile Medical App Guidance: What to Worry About After FDA Publishes Its “Final”...

A conversation with Bradley Merrill Thompson, Member of the Firm at Epstein Becker & Green and General Counsel to the mHealth Regulatory Coalition. We discuss prospects for FDA's final guidance on regulation of mobile medical apps (MMAs) and other regulatory issues that the mobile health community and FDA will need to face after publication of the 'final' guidelines.
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