Five Minute or Less Audio Interview Snippets In my travels to industry conferences around the world or just hanging out in my Pharmaguy Fortress, I have conversations with interesting people. These are short excerpts of those conversations.

Scroll through the entire list of audio snippets in the widget below on the left and click on the title to listen and delve deeper into the topic. I’ve listed a couple of my favorites below on the right that you can listen to right here. Enjoy!

Pharma’s Mobile Development Challenges

Ryan McGuire
Ryan McGuire Pharma Ghostwriters May Also Write Some Consumer Health Magazine Articles

Adriane Fugh-Berman
Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD UCB Embraces Social Media with Strong Pharmacovigilance

Trish Nettleship
Trish Nettleship How to Recognize Misleading Claims Made by DTC TV Ads

Faerber and Kreling
Adrienne E. Faerber, PhD, and David H. Kreling, PhD Complete List of Audio Snippets

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