A Web-based Therapy Management Program

Disease management is a complex process for pharmaceutical manufacturers, but Internet-based programs can help drive market share, sales growth, and patient compliance.

cDetailing: Addressing the Consumer Education Gap

Consumer Detailing by Medsite is a novel rich-media online consumer disease education and drug information program.

Sales Rep Assessment: Shoot the Messenger, the Message, or Both?

This article is a review of Metamorph, Inc.'s methodology of using specially trained physicians to assess and validate sales strategy, marketing messages and sales aids of pharmaceutical companies based on real-time calls with reps using a standardised set of data points.

To Ban or Not to Ban DTC? That Was the Question!

This article takes a critical look at Sen. Frist's proposal to reform DTC. The article includes reactions to the Frist proposal from PhRMA, AMA, advertising trade associations, and from members of the PHARMA-MKTING online discussion group.

Return on CME: Are Pharma Companies Getting Desired Outcomes?

This article summarizes a presentation by Sharyn Lee, CEO and cofounder of Medical Educational Broadcast Network (MEBN), a medical education communications and publishing company, who spoke on outcomes-based CME and the importance of selecting the best assessment tool at a recent Medical Education Congress.

Beyond the eDetail: Evolving to Educate

This article reviews Lathian Systems' online solutions that are designed to help pharma companies capture the interest, gain the access, and obtain the time required to deliver effective educational programs to physicians.

Transparency is the Word These Days

Instead of fancy, expensive ads or PR campaigns, why don't pharma companies interview a few employees and let us hear directly from them?

Develop Effective Online Compliance Programs: Leverage Health Beliefs

According to a Jupiter survey, consumers don't manage their health online because they have low confidence in their ability to use online health resources to improve their health. Pharmaceutical marketers must leverage health beliefs and models to design comparatively more effective adherence-related online marketing programs.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 4, #1 Archive

Dear Reader, Welcome to the January 2005 archive of Pharma Marketing News. Vol. 4, No. 1: January 2005 - CONTENTS...

DocCheck: Das Portal

This article describes the services offered by DocCheck and specifically focuses on the portal's market research and physician-targeting capabilities, which any pharmaceutical marketer wishing to do professional marketing in Germany should know more about.
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