Return on CME: Are Pharma Companies Getting Desired Outcomes?

This article summarizes a presentation by Sharyn Lee, CEO and cofounder of Medical Educational Broadcast Network (MEBN), a medical education communications and publishing company, who spoke on outcomes-based CME and the importance of selecting the best assessment tool at a recent Medical Education Congress.

Restrict DTC, but Extend the Patent for New Drugs

When the leading Republican member of Congress and a contender for the next president of the United States says it's time for the pharmaceutical industry to 'clean up it's act' and suggests banning DTC advertising of new drugs for 2 years after launch, you know that you are in trouble. Should the industry fight back or 'suffer the slings and arrows of politicians' until it all blows over? If it fights back, how should it fight back?

Does the FDA Need to be Overhauled?

Does the FDA Need to be Overhauled? By John Mack (Bio) SUMMARY The Vioxx withdrawal put the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under...

Beyond the eDetail: Evolving to Educate

This article reviews Lathian Systems' online solutions that are designed to help pharma companies capture the interest, gain the access, and obtain the time required to deliver effective educational programs to physicians.

Straight-Talking DTC

Johnson & Johnson is unveiling a new approach to TV and print campaigns that deals head-on with safety, putting drug risks on more-equal footing with drug benefits. This article summarizes the results of a survey about whether or not the rest of the pharma industry should follow J&J's lead.

Compliance with (Some) New ACCME Rules Not So Easy

A panel of experts at a recent continuing medical education conference discussed issues relating to the compliance with the 2004 Updated ACCME Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure the Independence of CME.

Numbers, Math and Communicating Risk

This article examines the numbers from Vioxx trials to illustrate how difficult it may be to communicate risk and benefit to consumers.

Drug Prices, Declining Profits Top Issues for 2005

What impact will issues like drug reimporation, weak pipelines, decreasing profits, drug recalls, class action lawsuits, government regulation, etc., have on the course of the pharmaceutical industry in 2005?

Marketing in the Post-Vioxx Era

This article summarizes a panel discussion at a recent Pharmaceutical Executive Annual Marketing Summit in Philadelphia.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 4, #10

Vol. 4, No. 10: November 2005 Welcome to the November, 2005 issue of Pharma Marketing News. Subscribe Now to get the current and future...
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