Predictive Physician Marketing

Now there is a method proven to predict the success of a campaign prior to launch. The ProSigma Detail Model created by TargetRx, a marketing information services company located in Horsham, PA, helps pharmaceutical marketers develop the best detail and detail piece to drive prescribing behavior.

GSK Strikes Back with a Grassroots Campaign

Mike Pucci, Vice President of External Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline, discusses his strategy to get the word out about the good that the pharmaceutical industry is doing.

Global Digital Asset Brand Management

There is a need to leverage rich media content across Rx brands and marketing campaigns on a global scale. This article is a review of ClearStory Systems' ActiveMedia, which is an example of a next-generation digital asset management (DAM) solution for managing rich media.

eDetailing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

eDetailing proponents, inside pharma companies and outside, use survey data to justify their arguments for greater spending on eDetails. In some cases, however, the numbers seem to show confusing trends and even may suggest that eDetailing may not be all that it's cracked up to be.

Managing Cross Boundary Issues

Pharmaceutical companies are notorious for their functional and organizational silo structure built around brands. Strategic issues that cross silos -- i.e., cross-boundary issues such as getting marketing and R&D working together, getting a more coordinated global approach to marketing, or getting companies to work better in marketing alliances-are thornier than most because managers don't control all the necessary resources and communication and trust are often weak.

Society of Industry Leaders: Help for Investors

The shifting pharma landscape makes it all the more important that investors make intelligent choices where to invest their money. The Society of Industry Leaders provides institutional money managers with timely information about the current state of the pharmaceutical market and how it is likely to progress.

Mobile Medical Reference: An Effective Door Opener for Sales Reps

Pharmaceutical companies are searching for new, creative solutions to the problem of decreasing sales rep effectiveness. One such solution is to provide physicians with value-added smart tools to allow them instant access to up-to-date prescribing and treatment information.

Can You Trust eDetailing Surveys?

When using surveys to measure ROI of marketing campaigns -- such as surveys about physician use of eDetailing -- marketers should be wary of comparing one survey's results with another.

It’s the Science, Stupid!

There is no doubt that the industry needs to do a much better job communicating drug benefits and risks to consumers. How will they do this if the population at large is scientifically illiterate? Also, how can the drug industry focus on this problem if its leaders are not grounded in science?

cDetailing: Addressing the Consumer Education Gap

Consumer Detailing by Medsite is a novel rich-media online consumer disease education and drug information program.
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