HCP Marketing Beyond the Physician Plugging Into NPs and PAs
NP/PA BadgesNurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) comprise the most rapidly expanding group of Healthcare Providers (HCPs) in the United States. But NPs, PAs, and even RNs are for the most part overlooked by the pharmaceutical industry, according to David Mittman, PA, president of Clinician 1.

A recent study published in the American Journal of Managed Care, however, suggests that pharma has gotten the message and is actively targeting at least NPs.

This article reviews the issue and includes tips for marketing to NPs and PAs.

Topics include:

  • Growing Influence of NPs and PAs
  • Chart: Number of NPs and PAs Practicing in the U.S. (trend)
  • Take the Blinders Off!
  • Chart: Number of Prescriptions Written in an Average Week by NPs and PAs
  • Nurse Practitioner Survey
  • Chart: Prescribing Practices and Behaviors and Interface With Industry of NPs
  • Reaching NPs and PAs Digitally
  • Successful NP/PA Selling Do’s and Don’ts

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 4
Publication date: 23 February 2011
Word Count: 1179

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