Publication Planning Excellence

Featured Conference Executive Forum: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Medical Liaison Team Capabilities Developing Excellence in the Field October 20-22, 2004 • The...

6th Annual Guidelines for Disseminating Off-Label Information

As the drug industry continues to be pursued as an object of investigation and enforcement activity by state and federal agencies, attend CBIÂ’s 6th Annual Guidelines for Disseminating Off-Label Information Conference, October 18-19, 2004 for relevant, actionable information for legal, regulatory, medical communications and marketing professionals.

Direct to Consumer Strategies for Medical Devices

Featured Conference Direct to Consumer Strategies for Medical Devices September 30 - October 1, 2004 • Chicago, IL Visit...

The 3rd Annual Off-Label Usage Conference

Off-label usage of drugs and medical devices accounts for a large percentage of profits yet also presents a minefield of potential legal, regulatory, ethical, and financial problems. To make matters worse, the regulatory and legal landscape has become more varied and confusing in recent years as organizations such as the DOJ, the OIG, and more have become involved. HereÂ’s a chance for you to learn everything you need to know about this difficult topic in one easy stop.

Technology Supported Physician Detailing

An interactive forum to discuss how new technologies such as eDetailing and Tablet Ps allow companies to access more physicians and ultimately increase sales.  Learn how world-class pharmaceutical organizations are utilizing the capabilities of these technologies and overcoming the challenges of expanding sales forces and limited physician time.

Women’s Health & Wellness – Communications & Partnership Opportunities

Today, the scope of womenÂ’s health goes far beyond hormones or gynecological and reproductive areas. Heart disease, lung cancer, obesity, female sexual dysfunction to list a few are top of the list for major healthcare companies wanting to break into the area of womenÂ’s health. New research on hormone therapy and indeed, the unprecedented boom in natural/supplementary products of high nutritional value to women has expanded the frontiers of womenÂ’s health marketing and communications. Find out whatÂ’s new, whatÂ’s working and whatÂ’s next by attending this conference in July, designed for pharmaceutical-biotech/healthcare/nutraceuticals/ wellness and other grassroots and non-profits engaged in womenÂ’s health.

Maximizing the Value of Investigator-initiated Post-marketing Clinical Trials

Investigator-initiated Trials are on the rise and sponsor spending on post-marketing clinical grants is higher than ever before. While most companies are doing these types of trials, not all of them are doing them in the most efficient or cost-effective manner. However, while budgets are being continually trimmed, itÂ’s important for companies to wisely invest resources in these trials. Moreover, some companies still fail to get the most value from these trials, even after repeated attempts to do them successfully.

3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Product Complaints

Featured Conference 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Product Complaints June 16 - 17 • Philadelphia, PA Visit the conference website for more information...

2nd Annual Forum on Anonymous-Patient Level Data & Analysis

Featured Conference 2nd Annual Forum on Anonymous-Patient Level Data & Analysis June 3-4, 2004 * Philadelphia, PA ...

Publication Planning 2004

Featured Conference Publication Planning 2004 Practical Strategies for Publication Planning May 24-27, 2004 • Princeton, NJ Publication Planning...
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