Pharmaceutical Marketing Compliance Congress

The Pharmaceutical Marketing Compliance Congress addresses the complex challenges facing manufacturers as they launch new products, adopt new technologies and attempt to comply with changing guidelines and regulations. This conference provides a comprehensive forum to: discuss the most pertinent compliance and regulatory issues; learn from thought-leaders; and bring implementable strategies for marketing compliance back to your organization.

Pharma & Managed Care

Pharma & Managed Care: Building Better Relations for Improved Patient Care. To educate the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Managed Care Industries on the benefits of improved and increased communications, and offer the best practices to facilitate such relationships for coverage, utilization and ultimately, improved patient care.

Fall Forum on Anonymous Patient-Level Data & Analysis

Gain a perspective on issues surrounding the utilization of anonymous patient-level data. Learn strategies for gaining acceptance from upper management, accurately predicting the value of each new Rx, ramifications of HIPAA, identifying and understanding physician prescribing habits and much more!

The Fourth Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum

The Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum has been established as a direct result of the heightened need for corporate compliance programs, increased government scrutiny and new regulations being imposed upon the pharmaceutical industry.

Publication Planning 2003

Publication Planning 2003:cUtilizing Scientifically Accurate, Commercially Relevant Strategies for Optimal Drug Acceptance and Exposure.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies are under growing pressure to increase the effectiveness and ROI of their SFA/CRM systems. Attend CBI's 6th Forum on Customer Relationship Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry and learn strategies for maximizing customer profitability, improving market campaign effectiveness and optimizing multi-channel interactions with customers.

5th Disseminating Off-label Information Conference

As the drug industry continues to be pursued as an object of investigation and enforcement activity by state and federal agencies, attend CBIÂ’s 5th Annual Guidelines for Disseminating Off-Label Information Conference, October 20-21, 2003 for relevant, actionable information for legal, regulatory, medical communications and marketing professionals.

2nd Annual eDetailing

CBIÂ’s eDetailing Conference provides an interactive forum to discuss how this innovative tool allows companies to access more physicians and ultimately increase sales. Learn how world-class pharmaceutical organizations are utilizing the capabilities of eDetailing and overcoming the challenges of expanding sales forces and limited physician time.

The Ninth National HIPAA Summit

The Leading Forum on Healthcare EDI, Privacy, Confidentiality, Data Security and HIPAA Compliance.

Forum on Pharmaceutical Branding

CBI's Forum on Pharmaceutical Branding, August 14-15, 2003, in Princeton, NJ brings together marketing, product, brand and business development leaders to share their experiences and insights into how you can best position your brand in the market place.
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