Pharmaceutical Direct to Physician Sales and Marketing Summit

Leverage New Models and Technology to Improve Sales Force and DTP Marketing Effectiveness

Pharma Market Research Excellence

Budget cuts, regulatory changes, loss of prescription level data and overall market uncertainties are forcing market researchers to rethink current practices and strategies. Market research needs to restructure and become more innovative to adopt and navigate in the ever evolving and complex market place. This conference will provide you with case studies, methodologies, and tools and tips to overcome these challenges as well as enhance current market research strategies to obtain better ROI.

4th Annual Forum on Formulary and Reimbursement Strategies for Effective Product Planning

Strategies for Successfully Meeting Both Pharma and Payer Needs for Preferred Formulary Placement in an Evolving Medicare Environment

CBI’s Annual Recalls Summit

Comprehensive Policies and Procedures for Ensuring Effective Recalls from Manufacturing to Wholesalers, End Users and Hospitals

7th Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CBI's Annual Forum continues its tradition of bringing together the industry's leading experts in CME.

5th Annual Product Complaints for Bio/Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Create Policies and Procedures to Ensure Regulatory Compliance for the Effective Processing, Trending and Analysis of Complaints

4th Annual Field-Based Dissemination of Scientific Information

If you are interested in improving your communication skills, learning about the latest industry trends regarding MSL and activities and hearing winning field-based dissemination strategies, CBI's Annual Forum is the program for you.

2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Market Research Summit

Leverage Pre and Post Launch Market Research Strategies to Improve Initial Product Positioning and Ongoing Strategic Decision Making

2nd Forum on Prescription Data Restriction for the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry

Featured Conference 2nd Forum on Prescription Data Restriction for the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry April 26 - 27, 2007 * Washington, DC For more information...

6th Annual Forum on Patient Adherence, Compliance and Persistency

Please do not miss the opportunity to celebrate your compliance successes in 2007.
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